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President - W.E. “Bill” Burroughs


Mr. Burroughs founded TALON International in 1993 to provide research-based use-of-force programs to the law enforcement and military sectors.  As President, Bill brings with him over 40 years of law enforcement, corporate leadership and professional training experience. Bill has extensive senior level experience in the law enforcement and military communities planning, developing, and implementing new courses of instruction, updating existing training curricula, certifying instructors and maintaining professional working relationships for domestic and international markets. As lead in this international educational and consulting service he has considerable experience in planning and coordinating budget operations and capital expenditures with oversight on marketing, system synergy and business development. His years as a law enforcement supervisor, professional trainer and motivational speaker provide a unique perspective in helping to understand the contemporary issues criminal justice professionals face everyday. Mr. Burroughs has appeared as a law enforcement expert on ABC and Fox affiliates, and he anchored the Law Enforcement Training Network's eight-hour, live analysis of the events of September 11, 2001. As Executive Director of Calibre Press, he led the development and presentation of the Street Survival® seminar to the worldwide criminal justice community.


Mr. Burroughs has been dynamically involved in the firearms industry since 1983 when he was then lead instructor for the Smith & Wesson Academy. Integral to the development of weapons for the law enforcement community, Bill carried his enthusiasm for training and education to the management level in 1991, becoming the Assistant Director of Training for the SIGARMS Academy where his involvement in the design and delivery of combat firearms systems continued. A much sought-after trainer, author and motivational speaker, Bill is actively involved with law enforcement and military personnel around the world and provides consultative sessions on topics as diverse as leadership, risk analysis for weapons of mass destruction, weapon applications for tactical operations, situational awareness for schools and critical incident stress.


Mr. Burroughs currently maintains his status as a Department of Homeland Security Certified Instructor in Basic and Enhanced Threat & Risk Assessment for Weapons of Mass Destruction and as a subject matter expert in law enforcement operations for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. He is recognized for developing a comprehensive riot control and chemical agent program for the Middle East; specifically Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.


Mr. Burroughs is the author of Dynamic Encounter Training - An Analysis of Contemporary Firearms Training Methods and Their Task Suitability for High Stress Combat Scenarios© and served as the principal developer for the four hour video series Discriminatory Profiling and Professional Traffic Stops© for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Mr. Burroughs is an honorary Tennessee Colonel and recipient of Marquis Who's Who 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.


Mr. Burroughs holds an M.Ed. from Antioch University in Organization & Management, a B.S. from Radford University in Criminal Justice and an A.A.S. from New River Community College in Police Science.



Chief Tactical Officer - Roy P. Hudson Jr.

Mr. Hudson is a veteran law enforcement professional with over 40 years’ experience. In his highly decorated career Roy has held every rank from Patrolman and Deputy Sheriff to Chief of Police. His zeal for assuring that officers were well trained to survive armed encounters has led to him devoting 32 years of his life as a full or part time law enforcement trainer. He joined TALON International in 1997 as the principal architect of the High Risk Warrant Service program.  Roy has provided training to thousands of students nationally as a firearms and tactical instructor researching and administering training for basic recruits, agency in service personnel, SWAT team operatives, and commercially for TALON International. Roy was an integral part of tactical teams for 17 years and was a SWAT team commander for 10 years. He has conducted over 2,000 entries.


Mr. Hudson is a nationally published author and subject matter expert on law enforcement and tactical issues. Roy has worked as an expert witness in the areas of firearms, narcotic enforcement, and police procedure.  He has written articles appearing in professional journals and authored dozens of training manuals in use across the country today. Roy has served on state and national training committees and was featured on a tactical series nationally aired on the Law Enforcement Television Network.

Mr. Hudson started his career with the Baltimore City Police department. He is a retired Major from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and has also served as a Chief of Police.

Mr. Hudson has spent 2007-2013 as Director of Law Enforcement Operations for the Florida Sheriffs Association. In this capacity he coordinated statewide operations for FSA and set up a statewide training program for the Sheriffs and their Deputies.

Mr. Hudson is currently the Criminal Justice Coordinator for St. Lucie County, Florida.

Mr. Hudson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from The Union Institute and University and is a graduate of The Southern Police Institute (88th AOC) and the Florida Criminal Justice Institute- Senior Leadership Program #4.




TALON Canada - Director of Operations - Jay Quinlan


Jay Quinlan is the president and principal consultant/trainer of Global Learning Solutions Inc. In this capacity, Jay provides research design and planning services to clients who wish to embark upon an occupational needs analysis and has done so for over 18 years. Jay delivers expertise in occupational health & safety issues relating to self-protection considerations for all agencies and ministries both federally and provincially involved in an enforcement environment.


Prior to establishing his own full time consulting company, Jay was a serving police officer and worked on four services, two in Britain and two in Canada with the final service being Peel Regional Police.  For the last eight years of his service with Peel, Jay worked full time in the training branch. While in this position he provided ongoing internal needs analysis to determine the direction of training and provided advice to management. Jay researched, designed and supervised the implementation of the use of force and communications training.  For the last two years of his service Jay provided services to the Ontario Police College (OPC) as a sergeant instructor in use of force training. During this tenure, his skills were utilised to review existing programs and to develop additional training.


Jay provides training throughout Canada and the United Statesand specialises in motivational speaking delivering strategies and education in survival psychology at seminars where he teaches the Neurology of Winning.  Jay has taught thousands of officers from multiple agencies across North America.  For five years Jay also taught as one of the instructors in the Calibre Press, Street Survival seminars.


As a qualified expert in use of force issues, Jay has testified to training, design, implementation and actual use of force in the field.  Jay brings an extensive level of experience to the officer safety field and to the training environment.   Jay still performs as an adjunct contracted faculty to the Ontario Police College to provide curriculum update and the delivery of the Use of Force Trainers Course.  He was also part of the team to revise the National Framework known as the Use of Force Response Options model and co-facilitated the design committee for the new model that has now been adopted.d


Jay holds multiple qualifications in use of force and also has a Bachelor of Arts degree and

Master of Arts Degree in Psychology.

TALON International LLC is a service organization that provides educational and consultative services worldwide.  Agencies and individuals alike are considered a client with objectives that must be satisfied if the service is to continue. Varying organizational and operational needs require senior management approval of all selected components of the TALON International system before integration with existing policy and training guidelines.  For this reason, an agency does not have to adopt the total TALON curricula to have the research support for litigation defense.  Agencies maintain the right to add or delete any component of the TALON system without losing the support of the
TALON International organization.

"TALON’s president, Bill Burroughs, has been one of the greatest influences on my teaching style and approach. Bill showed me that it was alright to believe in and teach your material with an almost religious zeal, as long as you did the research and truly understood what you were preaching, and just as important, to whom you were preaching and why."   From the book, "Police Pistolcraft: The Reality-Based New Paradigm of  Police Firearms Training"

by Michael E. Conti