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The skill to be an effective leader in a "best-in-class" agency is essential in criminal justice.  As organizations face rapid change and increasing complexity, peak performing groups can provide a means of focusing collective energy.  Effective groups draw on the expertise and creativity of all members tobuild commitment and productivity and to provide support and meaningful involvement.  These groups depend upon a proactive leader who, according to the vision of the group, effectively navigates through the myriad of criminal justice and public safety challenges.

The challenge of finding best practices to lead personnel during mission critical events is a daily one for government officials and community leaders.  All too often, emergency operations plans and their related policies and procedures are formulated on the premise that whatever worked in the past will work today.  Enforcement and detention are ever changing professions that must keep pace with evolving community demographics and identified public safety needs. 

Capabilities-based planning is a requirement in these times and not an elective to be overlooked as resources diminish. The professional law enforcement agency must operate through intra-departmental and inter-agency communication.  It is here that an effective leader can facilitate rapid and fundamental change positively affecting the safety and security of the public.

From the very beginning of criminal justice as a profession, leadership roles have been staffed by those with a firm belief in policies, procedures and customs as the driving forces in organizational management. Contemporary problems, however, require a radical shift to the new paradigm of mission critical operations where the focus is on cooperative problem-solving, creativity and collaboration among police agencies, emergency response services, corrections, governments and communities.

On any single day, critical incidents take place around the world.  Whether intentional through criminal action, accidental due to negligence, or natural based upon environmental disturbances, these events present significant challenges to the modern leader who must use a multi-disciplinary approach for a positive mission outcome.  No longer allowed to remain isolated, the criminal justice agency of today must both secure assets and provide mutual aid in a collaborative way to fulfill the jurisdiction’s mission.

TALON International is a premier research and applications-based continuing education provider for the criminal justice and emergency response communities, military operatives, local government jurisdictions and law abiding private citizens interested in aiding law enforcement in homeland security awareness.   


TALON specializes in researching, developing and qualifying "on demand" educational programs to meet the exacting needs of:

  • Law enforcement agencies - executive and supervisory leadership, team-building, less lethal and lethal use of force, arrest and control methods, patrol operations and officer survival
  • Government agencies responsible for homeland security initiatives - threat and risk assessment strategies for the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from a catastrophic criminal event targeting a local jurisdiction
  • Corrections - executive and supervisory leadership, team-building, subject control and defensive countermeasures, edged weapon defense
  • Military - lethal force applications specific to advanced unit operations
  • Corporate Security - perimeter and site security assessments, subject control procedures
  • Probation and Parole - arrest and control methods, tactical handcuffing
  • Criminal Justice Training Councils - curriculum assessments, subject matter consultation, standardization of core training modules in use of force


The vision of reducing individual and institutional risk through the process of contemporary needs analysis and scholarly research in competency-based dynamic training is

TALON’s primary focus.


TALON’s systematic approach of identifying agency and jurisdictional needs, researching and developing "must have" educational programs and support materials while ensuring professional acceptability for techniques offered, positions TALON International as the leader in its field. 


TALON's core value is to provide affordable continuing education modules in professional development of the highest quality to prepare effective practitioners and innovative leaders who seek to establish or enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in leadership, behavioral science, use of force education and domestic/school preparedness strategies.


“TALON elevates training to a higher level where the participants feel they could apply what they were learning to stressful and dangerous circumstances in the field.”       

Laurie Reynen, Victoria, Australia


TALON’s mission is to provide affordable training of the highest quality to prepare effective practitioners and innovative leaders to deal with the criminal element of the 21st Century.

“Bill Burroughs is a leader in Use of Force training.  He has challenged conventional thinking and made a powerful impact on police survival training.  As a student of any TALON program, you will be amazed at the knowledge and skills you will gain.”   John Weiler, Canada

TALON International LLC


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